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Prescription soil balancing can help this season to whatever you grow: vegetables, gardens, flowers, vineyards, pasture…

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Preservation and the quick conversion exhausted non productive soil into mineral rich bio diverse soil  will be some of the most important factors as we face the effects of climate change and the growing population of today.

Dr. Johannes Lehmann, Professor of Soil Science at Cornell University

Recommended by Professionals

The Best JoannaRemineralization is one of the most important missions on the planet. Together, we can remineralize gardens, farms, and landscapes. We can grow nutrient-dense food, improve the nutrition and well-being of all life. In the larger picture, it’s a key strategy to stabilize the climate!

Joanna Campe, Founder and Executive Director of Remineralize the Earth

Remineralization is Endorsed:

  • Carbon Smart – Cool Food


What Is Soil Remineralization?

Application of minerals in the form of naturally occurring materials such as rock dusts, crushed oyster shells, alfalfa meal, and others specifically to replace lost minerals in your soil.  When you do this it not only creates healthy plants but healthy soils and best of all healthy people…

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How Does It Work & Why?

In the past 100 years agricultural soils have lost over 85% of their mineral content. Plants, just like humans, need a broad range of nutrients to be healthy. And a healthy plant provides us with flavourful nutrient-dense fruit for our health…

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What Are the Applications?

Soil remineralization can improve the vigour and health of all plants, whether you are growing vegetables, flowers, pasture, wine grapes, apples or oranges.  You can add your mineral mix to your beds before planting in the spring or as a side-dressing…

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Save Money Buy Only The Product You Need

We blend up to fifty different natural soil amendments ingredients for your soil’s prescription!

Stop Applying Synthetic Fertilizers Every Year

By applying slow release naturally sourced fertilizer ingredients your soil will improve and continue to improve year after year. You are gardening in harmony with natures process.

Stop Buying All These Products Separately!

We provide you with the exact mixed amendment your soil needs! The remineralization amendment you receive not only has all of the nutrient balancing ingredients but also the structure building elements that enhance the health of your soil.

Grow Nutrient-Dense Because:

1970’s Single Serving of Spinach Held:

95% 150 mg of Iron
5% Today 5 mg of iron
Source: British Food Journal (1997, vol 99, no. 6, pp 207-211) Anne-Marie Mayer

Those Are A Few Good Reasons, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy to Apply

  • Saves Money

  • Grows Healthy Organic Produce

  • Contribute to a Better Healthier Planet

  • Slow Natural Release of Minerals and Nutrients

  • Grow More Vibrant Plants

  • Increase Water Retention

  • Retain Nutrients Longer

  • Increase Microbial Life

  • Build Lasting Healthy Soil

  • Reduces Need for Water

  • Help Preserve Soil for Generations

  • Grow Delicious Tasting Produce

  • Grow Nutrient Dense Produce

  • Disease and Drought Resistant Crops


Go For Years Without Adding! Get Long-Lasting Results!

 What’s the Secret!

Your prescribed blend will help create the optimal biodynamics within the soil bringing together the best of ancient traditional growing practices with 21st century sciences.

There are no more depleted soils; the soil just keeps getting better and better year after year, and all without the use of any sort of toxic rescue chemistry.

Don’t be disappointed again this year!  

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