Reminerialization Services & Products

My Best Garden Ever will provide you with:

  • Broad Spectrum Soil Analysis
  • Professional Evaluation of your Garden Soil Analysis by company founder Gillian Eames
  • Prescribed mineral amendments specific to your garden. This includes all of the fertilizer and amendments you will need for your garden for the growing year.
  • Two reminerialization amendments includes a spring and fall application
  • Instructions on when and how to apply your prescription amendments
  • Free Shipping

Premium Home Gardener Service

  • Up to 1000 Sq Foot Garden


My Best Garden focus is on premium grade biochar, no waste streams, or second runs. Most biochar “manufacturers” simply sell burnt biomass and try to pass it off as biochar. If you test their biochar it’s immediately evident that the quality simply isn’t there.

We produce 100% of our biochar with the sole intent on making the best biochar possible. All of our biochar is created slowly over many hours and never rushed. Cooking in slow pyrolysis yields the greatest quality biochar with extremely high absorption rates at the lowest weight. We routinely blow off 95-98% of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) leaving only the purist biochar possible.

After the extended cooking process is complete we crush the larger pieces to a more uniform size and screen the product into 4 sizes to meet every customer’s needs. Our chip is the largest size in the industry. About the size of your pinky tip, chip is great for demanding customers who need to physically see the biochar in their mixture. Medium biochar is about the size of a grain of rice and is the perfect complement to soil amendments and other applications requiring a smaller, denser application. The small size is about as small as possible without creating excessive dust and airborne particulates. With the high surface area of small, odor management is achieved quickly and efficiently. Ground small and light, dust biochar has the texture of fine flour. Dust has proven superior in slurry solutions for spray applications while also offering unique characteristics as a bio-filler for polymers.

Premium Organic BioChar

$1299starting at
  • Ideal Sizes for the Home Gardener

  This is the Year to Grow YOUR BEST GARDEN EVER!